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«Etno Dvaras» is located in the heart of Druskininkai in a quiet, scenic spot on the shore of lake Druskonis. In the cosy atmosphere of the fine old Lithuanian manor house decorated with natural wood, antique art and reproductions of drawings from authentic books you can gaze at the splendid view of the lake while listening to Lithuanian music.

The restaurant has 4 halls (accommodating from 20 to 200 guests) for banquets, buffets, parties, festivities. Folklore evenings are organized for tourist groups. We invite you to enjoy Lithuanian cuisine that is certified for authenticity by Lithuania's Culinary Heritage Fund and to taste dishes that are characteristic of Lithuania's mainethnographic regions. We offer up to 12 types of didžkukuliai or zeppelins, various salads, soups, appetizers, meat (pork or beef), fish dishes and desserts.

Also we offer to taste unpasteurized, unfiltered light, dark and wheat types of beer "Druskininku Dvaro Alus" produced in our own brewery.


„Druskininkų dvaro alus“ šviesusis
„Druskininkų dvaro alus“ šviesusis

This naturally fermented and “live” Lager beer characterized by a “light” taste and light amber colour is fermented with a bottom-cropping yeast. Exclusive varieties of aromatic hops and high-quality malts impart it with a special taste and aroma. This beer pairs well with fresh meat, spicy courses, light snacks and salads.

„Druskininkų dvaro alus“ tamsusis elis
„Druskininkų dvaro alus“ tamsusis elis

This naturally fermented and “live” ALE beer characterized by a dark colour and “solid” taste is fermented with a top-cropping yeast. Selected caramel malts, exclusive varieties of aromatic and bitter hops impart it with a special taste and aroma. This beer pairs well with game meat, dark meat, hard cheese and blue cheese.

“Druskininkai Dvaras beer” wheat
“Druskininkai Dvaras beer” wheat

“Druskininkai Dvaras beer” wheat – light cloudy, refreshing flavour and subtle fruity aroma, unpasteurized, unfiltered, natural fermentation WHEAT beer, fermented by high fermentation yeast. Made from wheat and barley malt, aromatic and bitter hops.


Vila Arnika

The city beach is just nearby. Cosy and stylish Villa „Arnika“ is established with the idea to protect historical and cultural heritage. It offers 7 standard rooms and can accommodate 14 guests (up to 17 guests with extra sleeping armchairs for children are added).

Artistically arranged rooms include large-sized beds with soft mattresses, writing tables and wardrobes, flat screen TVs and bathrooms with shower and complimentary toiletries. Two rooms on the top floor also feature spacious balconies.

Five commodious and convenient rooms will let you experience homelike cosiness and warmth inflamed by their atmosphere and interior. Every single room is designed to make your relaxation pleasing and comfortable.


Attention: your reservation is valid only after you receive confirmation.

  • +370 313 55438; +370 656 19953
  • etno@arnika.lt
  • LT-66141, Druskininkai, M.K.Čiurlionio gatvė, 55

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